Values & Philosophy

Values & Philosophy

Society Values & Philosophy of Work, The basic values of our association are:

  1. Full faith of the case for which we work.
  2. Trust in supporting God first, secondly in ourselves, as well as supporting society for our fair human case.
  3. Honesty and transparency in dealing with the target group and partners of success.
  4. Commitment from the Board of Directors and the Working Group to reach the objectives.
  5. Refusing to discriminate on the basis of religion, gender or color (whether in the beneficiaries, the team or partners).
  6. The ambition which based on a firm determination to achieve the vision and mission of the association.
  7. Passion and depth in dealing with the issue in its different dimensions and the consequences of which appear.
  8. The desire to reach solutions to the causes and roots of the problems so as to avoid problems from the beginning.
  9. Respect the value of time.
Values & Philosophy
Values & Philosophy
Values & Philosophy

Philosophy of the Society

  1. Work with the principle of real partnership and support and develop relations with all active partners in the development process and those interested in the basic case of prisoners of poverty at the local, national and international levels.
  2. Flexibility to accept societal variables and to keep abreast of the surrounding development of the society and the target groups.
  3. Practice dialogue with all concerned parties and target groups as a method and approach in the performance of the association.
  4. Commitment to apply the human rights approach to development in the implementation of programs and developmental practices.
  5. Practice results-based management.
  6. Commitment to the practice and application of all laws governing civil work in Egypt.
  7. Respect for the nature and culture of local communities and the culture of the target groups.
  8. Practice and apply the principle of justice in providing services to target groups.
  9. Exchange of information, experience and consultation with experienced and knowledgeable.
  10. Encourage creativity and innovation.
  11. Exercise teamwork by defining roles and responsibilities.
  12. Accounting and self-assessment.
  13. Continuous updating of advanced systems, methods and policies in the performance of the functions of the association.
  14. Effective and efficient partnership with all relevant institutions at the local, national and international levels.
  15. A permanent learning organization.
  16. Communities that take into account poverty prisoners and their families and support them.
  17. Full integration of prisoners and their families into society based on dignity, justice and freedom.