“The Children of Female Prisoners Association” Organizes a Group Iftar for 200 Women

Amidst a joyful atmosphere CFPA hosted an iftar gathering for almost 200 women and children in the Arab Rural village, alongside the attendees was the association team and Nawal Mustafa the association president. Throughput the day plenty of activities took place showcasing Egyptian tradition and heritage and cheerful Ramadan vibes.

“Today is my happiest and favorite day in Ramadan”, describes Nawal Mustafa her joy to attend the iftar which she feels is very important to the community and is a very positive experience that she waits for every year. She aso expressed her gratitude for President Abd El Fattah Elsisi’s efforts in following up with the National Committee to eradicate the notion of “gharemat” or female prisoners of poverty under the umbrella of his presidential campaign, “Egypt without Female Prisoners of Poverty” which is aiming to study women’s cases and begin releasing cases by Eid Al Fitr.

The women attending also expressed their happiness throughout the day which extended till 10 pm, Basma says, “I wait for this day every year to make my children happy and the association is behind this happiness”. Alaa Hussein also spoke on how her five children are very grateful to the association’s efforts on this day which they enjoy very much.



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