“The Children of Female Prisoner Association” commends the presidential instructions on releasing female prisoners of poverty and ensuring their empowerment

Nawal Mostafa, president and founder of the Children of Female Prisoner Association commends the newly announced decisions by President Abdelfattah El Sisi. Specifically policies pertaining to settling the debts of prisoners of poverty and work on their reintegration within the community. Under the presidential initiative “Egypt without prisoners of poverty” and through her membership within the committee Mrs. Nawal was able to grasp the commitment of HE the president and the commitment to fulfil the targets of the initiatives.

Mrs. Nawal confirmed that the Children of Female Prisoner Association is the first of its kind in tackling the cause since its establishment in 2007. The strategic plan of the association goes beyond economic empowerment to encompass more sustainable targets. The plan also entails a preventative approach to minimize recidivism and ensure sustainable empowerment. Therefore, the association offers opportunities for establishing small businesses and minimizing the stigma pertaining to the situation. The association recently established the “Haya Gedida” project which expands on the legal support and protection of individuals under the line of poverty. The project suggested reforms to the criminal law, specifically article 341 pertaining to unsettled loans, thus, granting legal protection to women and their children.

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