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5 Years

The "Point of Light" project for the Care of the Children of Female Prisoners - was launched in September 2019 in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Development Bank ...

Association make a Point of Light Project for all our children.

The "Point of Light" project - one of the projects of the Association for the Care of the Children of Female Prisoners - was launched in September 2019 in cooperation with the Abu Dhabi Development Bank, and the project aims to economically empower the “previous and current prisoners” by increasing their ability to run businesses to give them a job and a decent life in society. after their release from prison; This was done by establishing a “New Life 2” workshop inside Damanhour Prison in Beheira Governorate, which trains women in detail and handicrafts of all kinds, as well as economically empowering former prisoners through the inauguration of 30 small projects in the governorates of (Cairo-Giza-Qalyubia-Beheira).

In the context of the project’s economic empowerment, the “Nawal Mustafa Competition” was launched, which bore the name “Nawal Mustafa’s Entrepreneurship Competition for the Offenders” in its first edition 2020, targeting the offenders, the families of prisoners, and the children of the offenders, in order to make them entrepreneurs in society, and motivate them to innovate and create to create A job opportunity and a source of livelihood for them and their families. 10 contestants were shortlisted and three contestants from the governorates (Giza - Luxor) won.

The competition was launched in its second edition 2021 under the slogan “Egyptian Handicrafts & Heritage” under the auspices of the Minister of Collective Solidarity, Dr. Nevin Al-Kabbaj, and in the presence and participation of a number of industrialists who have a prominent role in entrepreneurship, in the presence of a number of members of Parliament, Senate and civil society organizations; In order to preserve the Egyptian heritage from extinction and to preserve the Egyptian identity.

Point of Light Project Features

All women and girls over the age of 18, who have talent in the field of crafts and handicrafts of all kinds, were targeted. The prizes were divided into two categories, the first for 3 winners to receive full support for the projects, and three contestants from the governorates (Menoufia - Giza - Sohag), and the second for 7 winners to receive grants. And training courses in entrepreneurship and small projects.

The project also paid special attention to the former and current “children of female prisoners” and established the “Child Creativity Center”, which aims to reintegrate them into society and remove the stigma that haunts them, in addition to discovering their skills and working to develop and make good use of them. This was done through a set of components (technical, sports, economic, educational, cultural, and entertainment) designed specifically for 100 children of the association.

With regard to raising societal awareness about the category of female prisoners and removing stigma from them, the project produced several issues of the ``Oyoun Al-Mustaqbal`` magazine, and three documentaries dealing with the success stories of former prisoners.

The project also launched the ``Al-Nas Net`` platform, which obtained the license of the Supreme Media Council No. 0013, which is primarily concerned with civil society that serves marginalized groups in the governorates of Egypt, through press coverage with video and images, followed by interesting journalistic writing, as well as providing interactive content from By commenting on the published materials, and displaying them appropriately on all their tools, whether the computer or mobile version or social media pages.

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