Association History

Association History

Our Association has been present for over 20 years. We make the best for all our Childrens of female prisoners’.

The young journalist, Nawal, had an appointment that would change the trajectory of her life and many other women’s. After she finished reporting on a visit to Qanater prison, she was surprised to see children inside the prison and when she inquired about them, the answer brought her here with The Children of Female Prisoners Association (CFPA) 30 years later.

Nawal Mostafa founded CFPA in 1990 after publishing a campaign in El Akhbar (an influential newspaper) which gained popularity and interest in the case of children of female prisoners, which was known for the first time. Nawal Mostafa succeeded in shedding light on the tragic situation of these young victims who only knew life behind prison bars.

Within the first few years the organization succeeded in raising societal awareness to this marginalized group amongst other accomplishments, most importantly, including children of female prisoners in the ministry of interior and prison sector’s budget after they were previously neglected. CFPA also helped found a nursery inside Qanater prison in 2008.

For 21 years, (CFPA) organizes a monthly visit to the women’s prison in Al-Qanater prison and other prisons to provide services, medical care, food supplies, clothing and blankets to mothers and issues birth certificates for children in prison whose mothers cannot afford it. Organized in cooperation with Doctors medical convoys to check up children living inside the prison, and women released, implement small enterprises, and provide material and in-kind assistance.

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These activities continued up to the year 2007; where (CFPA) started a new level, when Mrs. Nawal launched the “Prisoners of Poverty” campaign, during which she released the prisoner “Omaima” who entered prison because of a simple financial debt to her father, who died and she was only a guarantor, after that the phase of releasing poor women prisoners began.

In 2013, the association signed a partnership with the Swiss Drosos Foundation in the “New Lifeproject, which aims to enable current and economically active women prisoners to train and teach them a small and simple crafts and to start their employment in the private sector or to do small projects for them, cause they are confronted with a bitter reality. The reason for their entry into prison is still active in addition to another dangerous factor, which is the rejection of society. They find no other way than the crime, so the closed circle is completed and returned to prison.

In an unprecedented achievement between the Ministry of the Interior, the prison sector (CFPA), which lasted 25 years, a sewing workshop was organized in cooperation with the Drosos Foundation for the Employment of Women Prisoners in Al-Qanater Prison, to be as a model could be applied in all prison, to serve those will be released from prison in the period from 1 to 3 years, they have the skill and professionalism to which they can work or establish their own projects.